Hello, Planet GNOME. Hello, CHI2012.

My blog has just been added to Planet GNOME, so let this post be my way to say that I am very happy to join the fine people there (including several colleagues at Igalia).

This week I will be attending the CHI2012 conference in Austin, TX.  This is the main conference on human-computer interaction and UX design. I will write a long recap once it is over, with special attention to those bits that may be interesting to GNOME and other work that we are carrying out at Igalia, and also to things that are just too wonderful, eye-catching or plain weird to miss.

  1. Calum says:

    Enjoy CHI, but consider going to the IxDA Interaction conference next year instead/as well. It’s less academic, more practical and (IMHO) more enjoyable.

    • femorandeira says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I enjoyed CHI but I do not know yet if I will be back next year. It is true that it is quite an academical conference, so something like IxDA could be a good alternative/complement.

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