Monthly Archives: February 2007

Pizza Party!

Here’s a useful program!

Pizza Party lets you order pizzas from the command line. It has lots of benefits, including:

  • Batch usage (for ordering many pizzas).
  • Runs on most Unix-like operating systems.
  • Background operation (you can order a pizza from a cron script).
  • Lots of options to customize your pizza (--extra-cheese, --pepperoni, etc.). Check the manual page for details.
  • It’s free software!

The only drawback is that it currently only supports Domino’s pizza. We’ll have to port it to Telepizza or whatever.


Backported patches to sarge and dapper

Johh has backported the latest patches he created for the etch/edgy versions of to version 1.0.7, so Debian sarge and Ubuntu dapper users can benefit for them. Changes include the ability to select the web browser from the configuration dialog, a new ALSA plugin and some other minor fixes. for Debian etch and Ubuntu edgy has been updated too, including a fix for environments with several sound cards.

Full changelog and source code here. Binaries here.