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I wrote about some time ago in this blog, and mentioned some of the programs you can use to listen to this internet station.

However, the previous official player is deprecated and no longer supported (although it still works) as the team has released a new client (in beta stage for GNU/Linux systems). This new client can be downloaded here, but there’s no Debian package, just a precompiled binary in a .tar.bz2 file. Moreover, this binary does not work in sarge, the current stable release of Debian.

As this new client is GPL too (congratulations!) I downloaded the source code and made a Debian package ready to run in sarge systems. You can get it from my webpage. I have been using it successfully for some time, but any comments regarding its packaging are welcome. Enjoy!

Updated 03-12-2006: I also built another package for Debian testing (etch). You can download it from the same page I mentioned above.

Updated 04-12-2006: Now a package for Ubuntu edgy is available too!

3 thoughts on “ client for Debian and Ubuntu

  1. cartman

    Can you explain how did you compile from SVN, I just tried and lots of ui files are missing. Here are the SVN details:

    [~/SVN/LastFM_client]> svn up
    At revision 2118.
    [~/SVN/LastFM_client]> svn info
    Path: .
    URL: svn://
    Repository Root: svn://
    Repository UUID: b8fa8cde-00ff-0310-872e-fb870931800c
    Revision: 2118
    Node Kind: directory
    Schedule: normal
    Last Changed Author: svnowner
    Last Changed Rev: 2118
    Last Changed Date: 2006-10-19 21:13:12 +0300 (Prş, 19 Eki 2006)


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