Monthly Archives: December 2006 1.0.7 updated

I have updated the packages for Debian sarge (1.0.7-0sarge2) and Ubuntu dapper (1.0.7-0dapper2). This update solves a bug that caused the program to segfault when double clicking on Friends.

Download them at

Version is not affected by this bug, so if you’re using Debian etch or Ubuntu edgy you don’t need to do anything.

Happy holidays.

A Christmas gift for you

I’m pleased to announce the availability of new Debian and Ubuntu packages of the the latest version of the client for x86 systems.

New versions have been released by the team, being the current one. However the only official download for GNU/Linux is still several months old and lacks the newest features and bug fixes.

I have been combining efforts with John Stamp and we have prepared packages for Debian and Ubuntu. We’ll try to keep them updated with every new release from (you can subscribe to this blog’s feed for announcements if you want to).

Go here for downloads and more information.

These packages are unofficial and they haven’t been tested thoroughly, so comments and suggestions are welcome.

Merry Christmas for you all!

P.S.: I’m sure that some of you know where I took this post’s title from. Highly recommended, of course, and not just for these dates 😉 client for Debian and Ubuntu

I wrote about some time ago in this blog, and mentioned some of the programs you can use to listen to this internet station.

However, the previous official player is deprecated and no longer supported (although it still works) as the team has released a new client (in beta stage for GNU/Linux systems). This new client can be downloaded here, but there’s no Debian package, just a precompiled binary in a .tar.bz2 file. Moreover, this binary does not work in sarge, the current stable release of Debian.

As this new client is GPL too (congratulations!) I downloaded the source code and made a Debian package ready to run in sarge systems. You can get it from my webpage. I have been using it successfully for some time, but any comments regarding its packaging are welcome. Enjoy!

Updated 03-12-2006: I also built another package for Debian testing (etch). You can download it from the same page I mentioned above.

Updated 04-12-2006: Now a package for Ubuntu edgy is available too!