mpg123 is back!

After several years of halted development, the classical mp3 player mpg123 is back. Original author Michael Hipp stopped working on it around year 2000, but now Thomas Orgis has continued its development and finally the first beta releases from the new version are out!

mpg123 was one of the first mp3 players for Unix systems, and it was famous for its low CPU requirements. Even nowadays it’s probably the most resource-efficient mp3 player available. The core of mpg123 was also used for mp3 decoding in many other programs, such as XMMS.

Last but not least, mpg123 is licensed under the LGPL. This is good news, since older versions of this software had a non-free open-source license (well, this is actually not news as the license changed some years ago during the development hiatus, but AFAIK this is the first version released as free software).

It’s good to see old friends back again 😉

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