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Igalia helps building a library in Yoff

People in Yoff Senegal are expecting to have a library built at the ground floor of a local school named “Coruña” in 2024. Thanks to the “A library in Yoff” project.

The “A library in Yoff ” project is led by Ecodesarrollo Gaia, a NGO based in A Coruña, Spain. Ecodesarrollo Gaia is the founder for Yoff Coruña school. As part of their educational project, this effort aims to provide a safe and peaceful place for the local community to access books and other educational and cultural resources, and to create more jobs and professional development opportunities for the local community. Above all, Ecodesarrollo Gaia would like to get students from the school involved in this project.

Igalia has been working with Ecodesarrollo Gaia since 2018 and is very proud to provide full funds for this project. The funds cover building construction work, acquiring essential furniture, creating foundational bibliographic batches, providing computer equipment and digital media, and carrying new staff employment and training.

This 1 year project has been progressing well. At the time of writing, the constructor who built the school has scheduled a meeting in June to specify the details of the construction. People in charge of the municipal library Sagrada Familia of A Coruña have been contacted to prepare a training course in Yoff at the beginning of 2024. At the moment, some members of Ecodesarrollo have traveled to Yoff and stayed locally to help run the project.

A lot to look forward to!

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