Galicia, capital of Free Software in 2012

It might be that the heading is a bit pretentious, but I am quite sure that this year 2012 will be known in Galicia as The Free Software Year, when we have held Guadec and Libre Software World Conference 2012. And I am really happy that we have been able to achieve such an important milestone.

For people that do not know a lot about our small region, I would like to say that Galicia has ~2.79M inhabitants (and more than other 300k more spread around the globe), 29594 km2 of land, 1500 km of coast, warm weather (less sunny than the South of Spain but with beaches that could be part of the Caribbean Sea), good wines and varied diet with seafood, fish and meat, as part of our specialties and three smalls airports (we could talk about this for hours :P). Being a quiet region where to live in a safe place, we are not so known but I am sure that almost everybody has been warm welcomed.

Both conferences have been a success in terms of attendance, organization and contents, bringing to Galicia some of the most important people around Free Software and GNOME communities, with very special keynotes and interesting debates about the future of GNOME.

Suppose you will realize reading my previous paragraphs that I am very proud of Galicia holding GUADEC and LSWC 2012 and that Igalia have participated organizing, sponsoring and supporting both conferences. Not to forget that we are also preparing the next Webkit hackfest in December at Igalia’s premises in A Coruña, which will round off 2012.

Some years will pass before having all them again in Galicia together. However, everybody is welcome to pay us a visit :), give us a call and enjoy with us our amazing landscape, having dinner in a relaxed environment.

For the record some photos about Galicia and the conferences:

Libre Software World Conference 2012. Coffee break.

Libre Software World Conference 2012. Coffee break.

Aguieira beach in Galicia

Aguieira beach in Galicia

Guadec 2012 group photo
Guadec 2012 group photo. By Ana Rey.

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