Igalia: new office, assembly and summit

Today, it is a hard Monday. Why :)? Because last week was full of activities in Igalia, some of them, essential for us.

We started last week with our “Opening party”. We invited a lot of relatives, friends and collaborators to have some snacks in our new office. Some of my colleagues (Mario, Joaquim, Javi and Sergio) posted about it. It was an incredible day where I was talking with a lot of people and enjoying the night.

On Friday, we held our internal meeting, the assembly. A meeting were every main decision about Igalia is taken. I think this is the real party of Igalia, the party of the democracy because every Igalian give “her” opinion and “her” vote during a complete day.

Finally, _The Igalia Summit_, a weekend in a rural hotel for everybody. We played some team games, went to a spa and met to talk about interesting topics (for example, _philosophical document_ ). I wasn’t able to sleep a lot, but I enjoyed every minute of this Summit.

Here we are:

Igalia Summit

Yeah! An strenuous but satisfactory week!

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