My experience in esLibre 2021

Posted by Samuel Iglesias on June 28, 2021

This year, I decided to participate as speaker in esLibre 2021 conference. esLibre is a Spanish free software conference that covers a lot of different topics related to open-source projects: from the technical point of view to its social impact.

This year the conference had talks about game development with Godot, KDE, LibreOffice, Free Software in Universities among many others. Check out the program.

esLibre 2021

This is my first time participating in this conference and I enjoyed it a lot. Huge applause to the organization team for the huge work to organize this edition, for helping out the speakers with different testing days and for their kindness to reply any question from me and other attendees. They did a superb job!

My talk was an introduction to Mesa where I covered things like where is Mesa in the open-source graphics stack, a summary of what it does, the drivers implemented in Mesa, how our community is organized and how to contribute to it. If you know Spanish, you can check it out here (PDF). But in case you want an English version of it, this talk is very similar to the one I gave at Ubucon Europe 2018.

My esLibre talk was recorded as well! I’ll update this post with the link to the recording once it is publicly available.

Enjoy it!

Introduction to Mesa