Guadec Hispana 2005: a few days after

I shouldn’t be the one saying this, but I think the conference was a success.

In the web page we have been uploading all kind of content related with the three days: pics, audio, slides and articles of all the talks are available in the program section.

The proceedings with all the articles are also available in PDF format under Creative Commons license.

We finally managed to have a short but very interesting videoconference with Miguel de Icaza, who was very kind with us and woke up really early on Saturday in order to be able to connect with us before the end of the morning session.

The conference has been covered by several newspapers, and we have uploaded a summary of this to the web page.

Next year’s conference is likely going to take place in Las Palmas. See you all there!

Guadec-es 2005: tons of work and 6 weeks to go

We have been very busy in the last days organizing the II Guadec-es, that will take place already in six weeks time.

In the Program Committee, we are now on the process of reviewing all the contributions, with the main goal of enriching the quality of the
final version of the papers, that will be published in the conference proceedings. We are using OpenConf for managing all the process, and in my opinion that was a very good decission because coordination is less difficult this way.

In the Organizing Committee, the search for sponsors is finally coming to the end. We have also prepared accommodation and travel information for the web page, and are working in the infrastructure for having power and wireless connection for the people attending to the talks, we are contacting people for invited talks, and a lot of other thousands of small bureaucratic tasks.

By the end of the next week we should notify the acceptance of the papers to all the people that have submitted a contribution, and publish the preliminary program for the three days, which I can already advance that it is going to be very interesting! After that, the registration will be open for everyone wanting to enjoy the conference.

Who had said that organizing a conference was easy? 😉

Gnome 2.10 is out!

I forgot to mention that six months after the previous release, as it was planned, Gnome 2.10 was released. This version includes new features (improvements in the performance of Nautilus, better drag&drop support, and other small changes), hundreds of bug fixes and full integration with a video player (Totem) and CD-ripping application (Sound Juicer).

A LiveCD is also available for those wanting to try the new version of Gnome, without having to build from sources or wait for the packages of the distributions.

Guadec 2006 in Barcelona?

Today I have known about the campaign in favor of celebrating the next Guadec 2006 in Barcelona. It seems to me a nice idea. Barcelona is a comfortable and gorgeous city, well communicated, and a considerable amount of people, companies and institutions are already supporting the candidacy. I guess the final decision will be made in a few months in Stuttgart, but I haven’t heard about any other more or less formal candidacy yet.

Guadec-es 2005: Extended Deadline

We have announced today an extended deadline for the people planning to submit papers or tutorials to the II Guadec-es, the Spanish speaking version of the Guadec. The new deadline is the 27th of March. So if you can speak Spanish and have something interesting to tell related to the Gnome project, please go and write your paper or tutorial proposal right now! 🙂

Guadec-es 2005: In Galiza this year

The second edition of the Spanish speaking Gnome User and Developer European Conference (Guadec-es), is going to be held this year in Corunha, Galiza, 19-21 May. The first edition was held the past year in Almendralejo, Extremadura, and it was a big success.

It would be great to organize around the same days a similar meeting but with galician Portuguese as the communications language. It’s a real pity, but the Portuguese speaking community inside the Gnome project is not as big as it should be. We have to keep working in order to improve the situation.