Mutt sidebar folder list

Evolution is a nice program with integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring; I have being using it for my personal e-mail for several years. But when it comes to my daily mail at work, where I receive and write hundreds of e-mails every day, and sometimes work remotely by ssh, I still prefer to use Mutt.

Mutt is fast, configurable and very powerful, but I always had missed a simple way of knowing the amount of read and unread messages in each of the mailboxes. Two days ago I discovered that Justin Hibbits and Thomer M. Gil had written a Mutt patch that implemented this feature.

The list of detailed features in the webpage is very clear:

  • A sidebar with a list of folders on the left side of the mutt window.
  • Hide/Unhide the sidebar with a single keystroke.
  • Every line in the sidebar lists a folder with the total and new number of messages in it.
  • Optionally highlight folders with new messages.
  • Scroll up and down the list of folders and open the selected folder.
  • Configurable sidebar width and colors.
  • Configurable key bindings.

After installing the Debian GNU/Linux package and following the very simple Documentation of the webpage, the sidebar folder works perfectly.

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