More infocenters with Gnome in Bahia, Brasil

In October and November, 200 infocenters more are going to be deployed in about 20 cities of the state of Bahia, expecting about 200,000 users. Each infocenter has 10 diskless computers using Debian-BR-CDD (a customization of Debian Stable) and LTSP, with Gnome as the desktop environment.

Some pics of the infocenters can be found here.

Related to this topic, it is really interesting to have a look into the talk that Marcos Mazoni, member of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (Workers Party), CEO of CELEPAR (the Telecomunications company of the Paraná State), and Paraná State Strategic Issues Advisor, gave during the last edition of the Guadec Hispana (ogg audio, slides and summary of the talk are in Spanish). In the talk, he presented the impressive project for moving progressively to Free Software both in the public and the private sector of the Paraná State, and also talked about the problems of making this a permanent effort independent from the party in the government. As a terrible and quite unknown example, he talked about the famous Telecentros of Rio Grande do Sul, one of the first and most famous huge deployments of Gnome and Free Software, that are now being replaced by centers with proprietary software, after a change in the party in the government of that Brazilian state.

A compilation of the main Gnome deployments can be found in the Gnome Live wiki.

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