Back from Guadec 2005

The past week we went to Stuttgart for a week to attend Guadec and also do some turism in Germany. We spent the first four days visitting Stuttgart and Ulm, and the last four in the conference.

Guadec 2005 - Ulm

It was a pretty impressive edition of the conference, with more than 300 people attending, and very interesting talks. As a summary of what was discussed, I would recommend the Glynn Foster’s “101 Things to Know about GNOME” and Jeff Waugh’s “10×10“.
I also liked a lot the talks of Miguel de Icaza, Mark Shuttleworth and Robert Love.

Guadec 2005 - Esslingen

Guadec 2005 - Stuttgart

During the conference, the Maemo development platform to create applications for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, was announced. It seems that Nokia is committed now to support the Gnome project.

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