So finally we have brought SeriesFinale to Hell Diablo.

Some months ago I began a port of SeriesFinale to Diablo (Maemo 4), the software that rules Nokia N8x0 series. Working on it every now and then, finally I have achieved a first version which has everything I was using from Fremantle version.

SeriesFinale for Diablo

After talking with Joaquim, the original author (and also my workmate), we decided to put this port as a branch in official repository.

What will you find in this port version?

  • It is based on SeriesFinale v0.2.1.

  • Some features have not been ported yet. For instance, adding series manually or edit information about episodes is not ported yet, and thus are disabled.

  • It is a multi-window application. Yes, in order to keep as much the same code as original version as possible, I ended up in a multi-window application: browsing through shows, seasons, and so on is opening different windows. Going back is as simply as closing the opened window. I know it is ugly, but my main goal was to have a functional version running in Diablo. And it does, indeed! :wink:

I expect to integrate new changes in Fremantle version, and also to implement all features that remain unported.

Regarding the multiple windows issue, I need to evaluate if it is worth to change it and use just one window with some browsing widget. The main point here is that whatever I do, it should make easy to integrate new features from Fremantle version. After all, Fremantle version is the “official” one :relaxed:

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