Going to JSConf.eu 2011

Back in 2009 I had the chance to attend the european edition of the Javascript Conference for the first time. It was a nice and intense learning experience (it runs only for two fully packed days). This event is the counterpart of the US edition however it gathers a wide and heterogeneous Javascript community from around the world and not just Europe.

And guess what, after missing my ticket last year, I’m attending again this year’s edition sponsored by igalia. I will be giving a talk titled “Javascript, the GNOME way” in which I will discuss the relationship between GNOME 3 and Javascript, the technologies behind it and how to get started writing JS in the “GNOME way”. My goals with this presentation are 1) to communicate to the wider Javascript audience about the awesomeness of using the GNOME libraries in JS and 2) to try bridging the two communities in subjects that matters to both, to ultimately foster collaboration and alignment between them.

I’m sure this year edition will be as cool as the others, and I look forward to absorb again all that knowledge, ideas, enthusiasm and yeah, the Berlin’s autumn breeze too.

See you there.

See you at Desktop Summit 2011

Although my talk “The Web jumps into D-Bus” was not accepted for this year edition of the Desktop Summit, I’m still attending the event thank to my employer Igalia which apart from sponsoring the conference, is sponsoring my attendance together with a bunch of other igalians as well. Like two years ago, this edition is special because we have the GUADEC and Akademy events co-located under the free Desktop Summit umbrella. This is a great opportunity for communication, coordination, sharing and synergy among the different free desktop environments, their projects, hackers and communities.

As usual, I will be hanging around closer to where GNOME folks gather, but this year that could not always be true since I have a special interest on Freedesktop.org and Web technologies, and that means I might be seen anywhere around ;) . Apart from that, of course I will be hopping on the security and introspection-related sessions as usual; and I also want to get closer to the GNU community that usually gathers during these days. I hope there will be interesting discussions around the Freedombox project.

So, if you are in Berlin next week and want to chat about EventDance, the free desktop, free software, technology or life in general, find me there and be welcomed.

Fosdem? yes, me too

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

I’m going to Fosdem for the third year in a row. This is a great conference where hundreds of FOSS developers, users and enthusiasts gather to present their projects, hack on and discuss just about everything. The talks always cover a wide range of topics and it is normally impossible to attend all the presentations one is interested in, because many occur in parallel. The Friday Beer Event doesn’t help either, but the truth is that after some experiences in Fosdem, it is easier to survive it (or to tolerate belgium beer?). Anyway, the atmosphere at the venue, Brussels itself and the season wraps it all up to make it a very nice and worthy experience.

I thank Igalia once again for supporting me. See you there!