SHA-512 hashing support in glib

Always feels good to close old bugs, even if done unintentionally. In one of the projects I’m working on, I ran into the lack of SHA-512 support in glib and decided to step in. It turned out that such support was requested in a bug reported 3 years ago.

Whatever the reasons, the good news is that the next release of glib will ship with support for SHA-512 hashing in GChecksum. The implementation strictly follows the FIPS-180-2 standard.

Thanks to Emmanuele Bassi for reviewing my patch, Julian Andres Klode for merging it, and Igalia for sponsoring my dedication.

4 thoughts on “SHA-512 hashing support in glib”

  1. It also was the first time I pushed something to glib. Given that I reported the bug, it seemed like the right thing for me to push the fix. Thanks for your work on this.

  2. Mathias, thanks for the link. Thing is that in practice, SHA-512 is far more commonly used than SHA-384, at least from my experience. In fact, I don’t know any piece of software using the truncated version right now. I won’t argue about the reasons, since I’m not an expert.
    So I would say that when people start coming with use cases for SHA-384 support, it will get into glib. (as you know from the bug report, the algorithm is already implemented).

    foo: SHA-3 will be supported when we have real world glib apps needing it, I guess.

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