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Igalia related news

Bed, exams and rock’n’roll

Long time since last time I’ve written here. I’ve been sick some days, trying to work in some stuff. I’ve got my midterm exams in Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (State Language School). I’m doing the 5th degree of English (the last one) here in Vigo. Seems they were good exams. The bad point was the writing exam, which was based on a Lost episode I haven’t seen (7th of the second season). Fortunately it seems it didn’t contain any spoilers.

Local music

Last weeks I went to two concerts of local groups. The first was in El Ensanche (Vigo), and was performed by Iván Ferreiro, with the collaboration of Xoel. They performed as Rai Doriva e as Ferreiro, playing classic songs as Inbetween days by The Cure, some songs from Andrés Calamaro and so on. Good to see them again.

And yesterday I went to a concert of Heissel in Pub Aturuxo (Bueu). Second time I’ve seen them, and again, interesting. This time we talked a bit with some members of the group. They’ve just released their first recording El lugar más feliz(Happiest place).

Debian Gnome

Last week Gnome 2.12 has finally hit completely Debian Sid. Big improvement Rhythmbox to my music player. Libnotify popups, queued-to-play songs UI management and other things. Congratulations to developers!