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mafw-gst-eq-renderer 0.2.2010.07-2-1 released

After Nokia releasing PR1.2 firmware for N900, I’ve updated mafw-gst-eq-renderer so it can be installed with that firmware.

Issues with mafw-gst-eq-renderer

Some people have reported problems with this renderer, mainly related with glitches and even sound that is stopped for a while when more applications than Mediaplayer are opened.

Unfortunately, equalizer elements seems to require quite a lot of CPU. I guess as gstreamer’s equalizer element is not a key element in Maemo, very likely it is not optimized.

Thus, if you become tired of those glitches, I suggest to not install this element. This is one of the reasons why I did not put mafw-gst-eq-renderer on extras-devel.


mafw-gst-eq-renderer 0.1.2009.47-1-1 released

A new version of mafw-gst-eq-renderer has been released: 0.1.2009.47-1-1.

mafw-gst-eq-renderer is a renderer plugin for MAFW, the multimedia framework used in Maemo 5. It is a fork of original MAFW renderer plugin which adds an equalizer.

This release integrates all changes from original mafw-gst-renderer v0.1.2009.47-1 plugin. So it should have all features as original (and unfortunately all bugs too).

If you want to use it with the default mediaplayer, I suggest to install MGR flavour.

Installing mafw-gst-eq-renderer

Installing mafw-gst-eq-renderer (I’m assuming you want to install MGR flavour) is very easy: download it and from a terminal, install it, uninstall original mafw-gst-renderer and reboot the device.

For those that need a detailed step by step:

  1. sudo gainroot
  2. dpkg -i mafw-gst-eq-renderer_0.1.2009.47-1-1mgr_armel.deb
  3. apt-get remove mafw-gst-renderer
  4. reboot

Uninstalling mafw-gst-eq-renderer

If for any reason you want to uninstall it, it is easy too: you must restore original mafw-gst-renderer and then remove the fork.

Again, step by step:

  1. sudo gainroot
  2. apt-get install mafw-gst-renderer mp-fremantle-generic-pr
  3. apt-get remove mafw-gst-eq-renderer
  4. reboot

After this, everything should work fine.


MAFW renderer plugin with equalizer

Reading Maemo Brainstorm I happened upon a complaint: Mediaplayer and other players do not have an equalizer. Though I don’t use equalizers very often, sometimes I did it, and I find a bit upset not having one in such cool device.

Being a MAFW development, I think MAFW can provide this feature. So I made a fork from mafw-gst-renderer, and I’m pleased to announce mafw-gst-eq-renderer, which can be summarized as mafw-gst-renderer + equalizer. It’s totally open, and you can follow its development from gitorious. It must be clear that this plugin is not part of official MAFW, but a community plugin that I did in my free time.

The main goals for this fork were adding equalizing capabilities to mafw-gst-renderer, and providing a graphical equalizer. I think both were achieved.

Both in Gitorious and Projects Maemo you can find two branches/flavours.

MTR (master branch) is the upstream development: this provides Mafw-Gst-Eq-Renderer-Plugin, which creates a Mafw-Gst-Eq-Renderer source, which is accessed through gsteqrenderer UUID. If you install it in your N900, you’ll have two renderers: the original one (mafw-gst-renderer) and the new one (mafw-gst-eq-renderer).

Unfortunately, Mediaplayer only handles mafw-gst-renderer. If you want to use mafw-gst-eq-renderer instead, you must replace mafw-gst-renderer with the MGR flavour (mafw-gst-renderer branch). It provides the same capabilities as MTR flavour, but inherits the names from mafw-gst-renderer: the plugin provided is named Mafw-Gst-Renderer-Plugin, which creates a Mafw-Gst-Renderer source that can be accessed through gstrenderer UUID. Install this flavour and remove mafw-gst-renderer and Mediaplayer will be able to use the equalizer.

Setting equalizer values is as easy as changing values in GConf. If you’re writting your own mediaplayer, you can provide your own equalizer but reading/writting gconf values. For those that doesn’t have an equalizer (like Mediaplayer) a Control Panel applet is provided. With the applet a set of predefined presets are provided, though applet allow to save user configurations.

My aim is to synchronize this development with original mafw-gst-renderer, integrating all relevant changes whenever new versions are released.

I hope you find this plugin useful.