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mafw-gst-eq-renderer 0.2.2010.07-2-1 released


After Nokia releasing PR1.2 firmware for N900, I’ve updated mafw-gst-eq-renderer so it can be installed with that firmware.

Issues with mafw-gst-eq-renderer

Some people have reported problems with this renderer, mainly related with glitches and even sound that is stopped for a while when more applications than Mediaplayer are opened.

Unfortunately, equalizer elements seems to require quite a lot of CPU. I guess as gstreamer’s equalizer element is not a key element in Maemo, very likely it is not optimized.

Thus, if you become tired of those glitches, I suggest to not install this element. This is one of the reasons why I did not put mafw-gst-eq-renderer on extras-devel.


  1. Well, it installs fine, but it doesn’t work 😀

    Also, the deinstall procedure as listed in an older post has a problem with mp-fremantle-generic-pr that depends on libsdl-mixer1.2.

    Any chance on getting mafw-gst-eq-renderer updated and fixed?

  2. @Bzzz

    I’ll take a look at this as soon as possible. Apologies for inconvenients

  3. how to remove the mgr-version?

  4. Use dpkg to remove it

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