Guadec 2006: ideas for the continuous integration BoF

On Thursday 29th, during the first day of the Guadec 2006 AfterHours, I will be coordinating a BoF on continuous integration for Gnome (12:00-13:00 in the Sala de Juntes).

Wikipedia defines Continuous Integration as:

Continuous integration is a software engineering term describing a process that completely rebuilds and tests an application frequently.

The contents I propose for the BoF are the following:

  • What is continuous integration? Brief definition and explanation of the domain.
  • History of CI inside the GNOME project: what has been done historically inside the Gnome project related to CI (e.g. Luis Villa’s MicroTinder).
  • Present of CI inside the GNOME project: jhAutoBuild and approaches with Tinderbox2 and Tinderbox3 (we can talk here about what other free software projects do for CI).
  • Goals of the continuous integration (Luis has included some ideas on this in the wiki)
  • Discussion about the available tools:
    • C.I. tools: jhbuild reports, tinderbox, buildbot,…
    • Value added tools: check, gcov,…
  • Creation of the continuous integration team. Discussion on how the team should be organized and how it relates to other teams (release team, packaging, …).
  • Definition of the roadmap for the next year
  • Further discussion and hacking

We will have only one hour for all that, but the idea is at least to propose the main topics there and then continue the discussion over lunch and later in the mailing list.

These days I am contacting people that I think could be interested in the BoF. If you know someone that could contribute, please send him a link to this post 🙂

And consider yourself invited to come and share your view on how continuous integration for Gnome should be!

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