The software I daily use (as a user)

Someone asked me some weeks ago for a complete list of all the software I daily use (as a laptop user, not as a developer, because that is a different business), so here it is:

  • Desktop: Gnome/Metacity/Nautilus
  • RSS reader: Liferea
  • IM: Gaim
  • IRC: Xchat
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Newsreader: Pan
  • E-mail: Mutt (work) & Evolution (personal e-mail)
  • Music: Muine & Banshee
  • Notes: Tomboy
  • CD/DVD Toaster: gnomebaker
  • Digital camera: gtkam
  • Docs&slides: LaTeX & OOo
  • Bibtex: JavRef
  • Spreadsheet: gnumeric
  • Fast Editing: Jed, Vi, Gedit
  • Editing: Emacs
  • P2P: aMule, gnome-btdownload, nicotine
  • Podcast: iPodder
  • PM: Planner
  • PDF/PS: Evince & acroread & gv
  • Pics: Gimp, F-spot, Gthumb, eog
  • Movies: Totem, mplayer
  • Internet voice conference: skype

I use other programs now and then, but this is the complete list of the ones I currently depend on. Some of them I have been using for years, some others I have just discovered. Most of them are part of the Gnome project. Most of them are GTK based.

I only use daily two proprietary pieces of software: acroread because I need to read some PDFs still not supported by Evince or other free readers; and skype because I save a lot of money, when travelling, using skypeout.

I will do again the same list next year by the same month in order to check how stable I am selecting my software.

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