Erlang/OTP – the community

If you got interested in Erlang after my previous blog entry on the topic, you probably want to know more about the community created around the language since it became Open Source in 1998. Well, here goes a list of interesting events, webpages and mailing lists related to the Erlang community:

  • Open Source Erlang webpage, all kind of information and documentation related to the language and the platform can be found here.
  • Erlang User Conference, yearly conference, hosted by Ericsson in Stockholm, where the last projects related to Erlang from a professional point of view are presented.
  • Erlang Workshop, yearly conference, co-located with the PLI’s and the ICFP conferences, where the last projects related to Erlang from a research point of view are presented.
  • erlang-questions mailing list, the main Erlang discussion list. There is more information about other mailing lists here.
  • Planet Erlang, aggregates the
    weblog entries of the Erlang users and developers.
  • Erlang Foundation, is one of the fresh new ideas for expanding Erlang outside of the current community, but it is still under discussion. A proposal was presented in the Erlang User Conference 2004.

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