Packages of the Fisterra project

The Fisterra project had before two branches:

  • The Fisterra 2 branch: fresh technology, with some generic modules, and some vertical implementations
  • The Fisterra 1 branch: old technology, with only one vertical implementation for vehicle repairs

The Fisterra 1 branch is going to disappear soon (by the end of the year). The only vertical implementation that is still using old technology, devoted to vehicle repairs business is being ported to Fisterra 2 technology. So soon we are going to stop talking about different technologies and Fisterra2 is going to be just Fisterra.

The current structure and names of the project is the following ones:

  • fisterra-base: new technology, stable version, all the common libraries an, framework technical features
  • fisterra-bmodules: new technology, beta version, allows code reusability, framework technical features
  • fisterra-distribution: new technology, stable version, POS functionality and soon warehouse functionality
  • fisterra-garage: old technology, stable version, ad hoc development for managing an automotive glass repair company
  • new fisterra-garage: new technology, under development

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