LibrePlan 1.2.3. Go!

Today we are releasing the latest version of LibrePlan, numbered 1.2.3. The star of this release is the addition of the money cost monitoring system implemented by my team mate Manuel Rego, but there is a number of fixes added since the last release only one month ago, impacting small bugs, stability and performance.

The team is working hard to keep polishing the tool with the feedback of our users, while we work in new features for the next major release. We have some nice charts with new performance indicators, have improved the behaviour of the WBS table, and we keep working on other items in our roadmap. We had to delay the release date, but it’s worth waiting; meanwhile, download and try this new version!

We are building a more polished and stable planning tool day by day. Congratulations to all the members of LibrePlan community!

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