Unweaving the web

by Diego Pino García

Fosdem 2017

After missing last year's edition, I attended Fosdem again. It was a lot of fun, it didn't disappoint me. Not even a bit. In this post, I review most of the talks from the SDN/NFV track

Network namespaces: IPv6 connectivity

Taking advantage of the work done in the last two posts, I explain in this new article how to share IPv6 connectivity between a host and a network namespace

Network namespaces

Linux namespaces are a relatively new kernel feature which is essential for implementation of containers. A namespace wraps a global system resource into an abstraction which will be bound only to processes within the namespace, providing resource isolation. In this article I discuss network namespace and show a practical example.

IPv6 tunnel

To most of those users which their ISP do not offer IPv6 connectivity, the IPv6 Internet is unknown land. However, free tunnel broker services such as Hurricane Electric can bridge an IPv4 connection with the IPv6 Internet.

Architecture of the Web Inspector

The Web Inspector is WebKit's friendly tool for seeing what's inside of a web page. A fundamental tool for any web developer. The Web Inspector itself is nothing but a web application too. In this post, I review its history, architecture and main features.