LibrePlan: New Project Status Report

Lately we‘ve been working in a new report in LibrePlan. The report is called Project Status Report and the first part of the report (related to hours) is already available in LibrePlan 1.3.1, however in the next version some additions over this report will be included.

The main goal of this report is to have a printable version of the project task tree (WBS) summarizing some important information regarding 2 aspects:

  • Hours: For each task in a project it will show the 3 type of hours we have in LibrePlan:
    • Estimated: The ones filled in the WBS tree.
    • Planned: The allocated hours, they are configured in the task allocation. They can be the same or not than Estimated hours as you can change it while doing the planning.
    • Imputed: The hours devoted to a task by the workers. Introduced in the timesheets (work reports). If the number of Imputed hours is bigger than Planned hours, then it’ll be shown an exclamation mark and the number will appear in red.
  • Money cost: Apart from the hours information in the new version will be included information about the money cost:
    • Budget: Estimated budget in the WBS.
    • Hours cost: Cost calculated depending on resources cost categories and the Imputed hours.
    • Expenses cost: Cost imputed via expenses sheets.
    • Total cost: Addition of 2 previous costs (Hours + Expenses). It’ll also show a mark if it’s bigger than Budget.
Project Status Report example

Project Status Report example

Apart from the new columns, the new version will also allow to filter the report by labels and/or criteria and the project filter will be optional. This will return the information of all the tasks related with the labels and/or criteria in all your projects. We think that this is a nice addition in order that you analyze where are you having troubles, for example, comparing Project managers with Developers.

Project Status Report filter by criterion "Project Manager"

Project Status Report filter by criterion "Project Manager"

Project Status Report filter by criterion "Developer"

Project Status Report filter by criterion "Developer"

We hope you enjoy the new report and the latest changes, we’ll be really glad to receive your feedback about it ;-)

  1. Tony says:

    An effective project manager spends 95% of their time communicating. Status reports are a great vehicle to help with communication to large teams and more importantly in keeping the teams aligned. ProficientPM is a good source of information

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