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Another year, another GUADEC

It’s 2014, and like previous years:


This time I won’t give any talk, just relax and enjoy talks from others, and hope Strasbourg.

And what is more important, meet those hackers you interact with frequently, and maybe share some beers.

So if you go there, and you want to have a nice chat with me, or talk about Grilo project, don’t hesitate to do it. Igalia, which is kindly sponsoring my attendance, will have a place there during the core days, so likely you could find me around or ask anyone there for me.


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See you at GUADEC 2013!

GUADEC 2013 is around the corner.


Igalia is kindly sponsoring my attendance, as well as other mates, to this wonderful conference, where all years I meet good friends, and do new ones.

I’ll be there from August, 1st to 5th, both included. On saturday 3rd I’ll give a talk about Grilo. If you are using Grilo or willing to, join us to the talk. Of course, I always welcome any question, so if you see me and want to ask anything, don’t hesitate to address me.

Also, I expect to attend on 5th the gnome-music BoF. gnome-music is one of the programs I collaborate with that heavily use Grilo. I really suggest to give a try. I’ts so nice!

Besides all above, Igalia will have a booth during all the event, where we will be showing some of the cool things we do. I still don’t know where it be exactly located, but if you see us, come there!

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Grilo at GUADEC 2012

A new year, a new GUADEC. And as in previous years:

This year is a bit special for different reasons:

  • GUADEC 2012 is allocated in the same city as Igalia headquarter. And in the same region I was born.
  • I’ll give a talk about Grilo, reviewing its current state and talking about what’s coming next.
  • There will be also a BoF where we can talk for 2 hours about next features and what would be good to have in Grilo.

Of course, do not hesitate to ask me (or other Grilo contributors) whatever you want to know about Grilo if you see us around. We will be more han happy to answer any doubt.

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Grilo at Desktop Summit 2011

Are you interested on Grilo? Are you going to Desktop Summit 2011? Then let’s meet there. Among other igalians,

Also, I and my fellow Guillaume have organized a hacking session on Wednesday 10th, 9:00 in room 1.401/2. If you want to learn more about Grilo, and how to use it to develop your ideas, then write down in the attendant list. It will be a pleasure to count on you, and have a funny time.

And don’t miss neither the BoF about using SeedKit to develop your applications, organized by Alexandre.

If you don’t have time, but still you have any question related to Grilo, don’t hesitate to contact with any of us. See you all there!

UPDATE: Do not forget neither the lightning talk about Grilo extension for GNOME Shell, by Philippe!

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GUADEC’2010 talks about Grilo

Thanks to Flumotion, you can access and view the awesome talks that happened at GUADEC 2010.

I have got those related with Grilo, and put them here. Besides the original WebM format videos, I provide also Theora version (in lower quality, intended to those who can not play WebM yet), and the slides too.

The first is a complete talk about Grilo: what is Grilo, what provides, and some of its features.

The second one is a 5 minutes lightning talk, about using Grilo to create a daemon that is able to provide content to other clients through DBus.

The thid one, is also a 5 minutes lightning talk, that explains the port of Grilo to Maemo 5, and how it was used to add more multimedia sources to N900‘s Mediaplayer.

Enjoy them!

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GCDS began!

GCDS started some days ago. It is not my aim to post about the talks, as many other workmates are posting about them.

But I would like to mention one of the talks, made by Ivan Frade, who talked about present and future of tracker. This is a quite important component of MAFW (btw, don’t miss the MAFW presentation!).

Ivan explained tracker upstream is using ontologies a lot. In fact, they chosen Nepomuk, as it’s the ontology used in KDE and also Gnome community agree with using it too. These kind of ontologies help to understand concepts and properties applications are using, avoiding misunderstandings.

Right now MAFW is using properties like ‘Artist’, ‘Album’ or ‘Title’, but as many other applications it is not using neither Nepomuk nor other ontology at all. So I wonder if it would be helpful (or unnecessary at all) moving to Nepomuk, so at the end instead of using ‘Artist’ string, it would use the corresponding Nepomuk property.