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Grilo 0.1.6 released


Last Thursday we announced the release of Grilo (and its plugins set) 0.1.6.

Almost 4 months went on, and as expected, lot of things were done in Grilo. In the announcement email, you can see a summary of the changes done. Of course, a more detailed list can be obtained from Git (here and here).

What would I stress here?

  • Lot of fixes and improvements
  • A new metadata-key system
  • A command line tool to inspect plugins
  • A new XML-based system to define plugins
  • Synchronous functions for the asynchronous partners
  • Improved GObject introspection support

We would like to thanks all people that were contributing to bring this release. And stay tuned for new releases!

3 thoughts on “Grilo 0.1.6 released

  1. And you didn’t mention the most important boiler-plate.

    What is Grilo? And why should I find out about it?

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