Herostratus’ legacy

words from a lazy coder


Given the Igalia’s OLPI program (One Laptop Per Igalian) I got a new Thinkpad, the x301. I chose this one just because Alex chose it too, and I trust in the Alex judgement, and I don’t regret it: it’s a great machine.All my computers had receive a name. The first computer I bought with my own resources was named Rowena. I still like that name. My first laptop was named Angelina. Meanwhile my third desktop computer was named Toaster.

So, in order to not break the tradition, I named the new laptop, and its name is lit :)

lit as noun is the contraction of literature. As adjective is the contraction of illuminated or lighted. Also, in French means bed.

I took a different approach to work with this laptop. First of all, I installed Debian Squeeze on it. Not Ubuntu, nor Gentoo. The reason of this is follow the standard Igalia’s software stack.

The second difference is an reinforce in my console orientation :) Instead of using Evolution, I’m trying Mutt; instead of XChat, IRSSI; right now I’m testing Newbeuter as feed reader, all of them in a single terminal using GNU/Screen. Besides, I’m continuing with my Emacs dependency curve.

And, if you’re wondering, I’m not going to use RatPoison or any other minimalist window manager, and maybe never will.

Here’s a screenshot of my current desktop: