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dsp-exec landed on dsp-tools

In the DSP bridge realm, usually when the kernel module is loaded, it in turn loads the so called DSP base image, which is a file what encompass the DSP/BIOS kernel and the DSP/BIOS Bridge.Usually, in a development cycle, you may want to test different base images, and removing and reloading the Linux bridgedriver module is not very practical. For this case, TI provides the cexec.out utility, which uses the bloated libdspbridge API, to load in runtime different DSP base images.

But we all know that cool boys use dsp_bridge instead of libdspbridge, which is much more clean, small and nice. And also we have a neat set of utilities called dsp-tools. Nevertheless a utility like cexec.out was missing, and because of that dsp-exec has born.

Last week, my patches were committed by FelipeC into the stage repository in github, and I’m enjoying them while I’m poking around in the audio decoding :)