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AAC decoder for gst-dsp

One of my purposes for this year was collaborate with the gst-dsp project. But the JPEG decoder was not enough, as there are other released socketnodes by TI which are not yet wrapped in gst-dsp, such as, in this case, the AAC decoder.gst-dsp is a project with only video decoding use case in mind, and audio streams might not be optimally handled by it. The biggest concern was about the memory mapping of small buffers, which could consume more CPU rather than the direct decoding. Nevertheless I decided give it a try.

These last two weeks I devoted them to pull out the dspadec element and it seems to perform quite good without any significant modification in the gst-dsp core. You can find the submitted patches in the gst-dsp mailing list.

These patches are still in review process and perhaps they will not land on the repository, nevertheless, I also updated the marmita’s recipes in order to provide an installable image for the Beagleboard, so anybody could test this new element.

Among other candies, this marmita snapshot brings libsoup and the souphttpsrc GStreamer element, besides all the alsa stuff for the audio rendering. Also gdb hit into the tarball.

Enjoy it!

These bytes were brought to you thanks to Igalia, who sponsored this development.