GPhone v0.2

It is almost 5 months since I published the first release of GPhone. Though I haven’t abandoned it, I swork on it slowly but steadly.  And to prove it, I’m releasing a new version, the v0.2.

What does it include? Mainly bug fixes. The new features are still a work in progress. You can browse the next branch in git to glance it.

Change Log:

  • Able to use GSimpleAsyncResult for glib <= 2.35
  • Added Vala (0.16) back compatibility, including a gstreamer-1.0.vapi
  • Added a script for build and update a jhbuild environment: update-jhbuild-env. It handles the gphone’s dependencies.
  • Notify to the user if his NAT type is not compatible with a VoIP session.
  • Renamed accounts to registrars.
  • Handle networking signaling
  • Create a global header file
  • Many bug fixes