Two video streams simultaneously in Ekiga

As we talked earlier, we added support for H.239 in Ekiga, and we were able to show the main role video and the slides role video, one stream at the time.

But now we did a step forward: we wanted to view both videos simultaneously. So, we hacked again Ekiga and we added that feature, when a second video stream arrives, another window is showed with the secondary role stream.

Here is the mandatory screencast:


2 thoughts on “Two video streams simultaneously in Ekiga”

  1. Hi, guy!!!
    I’m trying to see an extended video stream from ekiga, I’m using ekiga newest 4.1.0; when I build ekiga on my desktop, it said that: H.239: enable; But now I can’t see an extend stream.
    How can I do it. Help me. Thanks you!!!

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