Debian’s mutt with notmuch support

One of my weekend tasks was to reorganize my email environment. For reading email I use mutt, configured to grab the email from an IMAP server. For sending email, I have a minimal exim setup securely relaying to a smart host.

Mutt is a great email browser, but it is very bad at handling IMAP. Besides, I started to need searching through all my email. The solution for the first problem is offlineimap, a program wrote in Python, that “synchronizes emails between two repositories”. It downloads my email from the IMAP server into my laptop, so I work in my email locally, and if I delete an email locally, offlineimap will delete it in the next sync operation.

The solution for the second problem, the search, is notmuch, which is a email indexer, enabling fast searches among a vast mail collection. So, once new mail arrive (or is deleted) with offlineimap, notmuch (de)indexes it.

But another problem appear: how to query to notmch in an integrated way with my mail reader? One solution is provided by mutt-kz, a fork of mutt with notmuch support tightly integrated.

But I use Debian, and I like its package management. So I needed to craft a Debian package for mutt-kz.

I grabbed the Debian’s repository for mutt and re-based, one by one, the patches from mutt-kz.

The result is stored in this repository.

And now, I can query notmuch in mutt and immediately browse the result set.

6 thoughts on “Debian’s mutt with notmuch support”

  1. Hey there.

    Thanks for your work, works like a charm.

    In case you have not seen it yet, mutt-kz has gained sidebar support since your patches. I would very much appreciate if you updated your repository to support these 🙂

    1. Hi Valodim,

      Yes, I saw the update in the sidebar. Personally I don’t use the sidebar, but certainly I can add those patches in my little fork. I’ll try to allocate sometime this weekend.

      And thanks a lot for using it 🙂


    1. It seems that the mutt maintainers are not very receptive to new functionality, their latest release is from 2010. As a matter of fact, mutt-ng born because all the patches were floating around, no integrated into mutt.

      What would be the best approach to unify mutt again? I don’t know.

  2. In the post you are writing about a “mutt-ks”, but it’s “mutt-kz”.

    I am mentioning this, since your posting is really useful as an explanation and signpost wrt mutt-kz and also for people wanting to try it out under Debian. So writing mutt-kz correctly would reduce confusion and correctly feed the search engines…


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