Grilo meets Vala

Last week, after the internal presentation of Grilo, I got pretty excited about the project: basically, using Grilo I could make epris consume feeds from Jamendo.

I started to generate the bindings for Vala. I never thought it could be that hard: the heavy use of atypical callbacks in Grilo made me find a bug in the code writer of Vala. And eventually I came with a small patch, which I’d just pushed.

Those problems brought into the discussion to use GAsyncResult within Grilo instead of the custom callbacks mechanism. We’ll see where we can go.

Finally I got my small test snippet. Cute, isn’t it?

Today also pushed another patches I’d in my Vala queue. The interesting part is, after talking with Zeeshan, I understood that the gstreamer vapi must be generated with the latest release of GStreamer. Something logical but I never stopped to think about it.

2 thoughts on “Grilo meets Vala”

  1. I’m not sure about considering Grilo callbacks “atypical”. Actually, there is no a “typical” way of doing asynchronous callbacks in GLib.

    It’s true that GAsync* pattern, introduced by GIO, is a good step in this sense, and I think it should be moved from GIO to GLib.

    And Grilo should consider also the use of this pattern, if it fits its requirements.

    BTW, good job with Vala bindings. I hope more bindings will arrive to framework.

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