shinning new HAM

A new version HAM will hit the streets soon, and we, the HAM team, are very proud of all the effort done.

There have been 178 commits since the first public release in the HAM repository, all of them affording user experience and trying to cover several corner cases on the SSU realm, specially dealing with reduced disk space in the OneNAND.

New section view in HAM
New section view in HAM

There are several new features and some eye candy:

  1. The section view has been improved greatly GtkIconView instead of the old buttons grid.
  2. Several user interaction (work flows and dialogs appearance) optimizations.
  3. Keep the cursor position in the package lists among operations.
  4. Add live search support, dropping the old search dialog.
  5. Avoid the update icon blink when the screen is blank, saving power
  6. maemo-confirm-text can show the package name who launched it.
  7. Minor fixes in logic strings and text display.
  8. Speed up the HAM launching loading the back-end using a lazy strategy.
  9. Speed up the package list processing in the back-end, so the package list are shown more quickly in the UI.

For the packagers there are also some bits:

  1. Adapt the .install files in order to interact with the packaged catalogs.
  2. Initial support for OVI store packages.
  3. Add a dbus function to search packages so other applications can interact with HAM.

And for the SSU, specially handling the reduced space disk in the root file system:

  1. Use always the eMMC for downloaded packages, avoiding the rootfs even as fallback.
  2. Stop as much process as possible when going into the SSU (stop prestarted apps, camera-ui, browser, rtcom-messaging-ui, alarmd, etc.) in order to reduce the double mappings of large files.
  3. Go into rescue mode if the SSU fails and change its looks to a less scary one.
  4. Sync the disk before fetching it status, moving the operation to the back-end.
  5. Because the documentation use a lot of disk space, we hack a way to get rid of it during the SSU.
  6. Use the higher disk compression during the SSU

Special thanks to Lokesh, David Kedves, Mario, Marius, Gabriel,  and all whom patient had helped us to make HAM a better piece of software to Fremantle users.

13 thoughts on “shinning new HAM”

  1. Excellent stuff! Are there plans to move HAM development fully open, i.e. discussing features like these on a new mailing list (currently maemo-developers is the offiical HAM list, AIUI) and getting community involvement?

    Having the code open’s great (although one of my shipped patches is superceded by the new category view :-)), but if we knew there was a release underway, we could’ve done some work on integrating with the API to show package ratings; and ensure that it also fits the QA process workflow with extras-testing.

  2. Something I’ve been thinking would be useful would be an app that gives you a list of new packages each day. I don’t mean software updates but brand new software in the repository.

    Whilst it could be done in a seperate app it would probably be better in HAM.

    Just a thought.

  3. @vjaquez, indeed maemo-developers is the official one; but I don’t remember any threads between the developers *on* that mailing list discussing these new features 😉

    Discussions give a feeling of openness and give other developers a sense of the project before they start patching – and a familiarity with which to ask questions about the internals.

    Anyway, I look forward to submitting *more* patches (and hoping they get out to the users more frequently than the Diablo patches didn’t).

  4. @Alex: AppWatch (currently in extras-devel) has a repository history view, which, when filtered on the ‘added’ status, does just what you describe. AppWatch is far from complete, but was born precisely out of the need to track *changes* in the repositories (being complementary to HAM which deals with the current snapshots of them).

  5. nice work!

    In the future, would it be possible to install Apps in the background or,
    alternatively, select Apps for installation and removal and perform the actions
    in a batch?

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