Last weekend some igalians and I went to Brussels to attend the FOSDEM’09. We arrived the Friday just in time for the FOSDEM Beer Event (amazing coincidence!). In the Delirium Café I got my first epiphany about the True Spirit of FOSDEM: it is not the talks and the meetings, it is the beer. So, after that night, I could say “mission accomplished”.

Nevertheless I went further and also assisted to a couple talks:

* The People Framework: it is about having a unified method to access to “contacts” backends (google, ldap, etc.) Go Vala!
* The Hynerian Empire: It was about Rygel, a UPnP media server. Go Vala!
* Bringing geolocation into GNOME: I slept this one.
* Tracker: Philip tried to expose tracker as the ultimate object locater.
* Xfce 4.6 and then?: It was a “What’s new” in Xfce.
* Maemo on BeagleBoard: Nokias employees says that their software also runs in other hardware.
* WebKit on ebook readers: A WebKit implementation for a specific embedded device.
* Ext4: What is and what is new in Ext4: a featured Ext3.

But now, when all the craziness of Brussels had gone, reviewing the whole schedule, I realized that I should went to other talks. These are my actual chooses… too late…
* Wt, a C++ web toolkit, for rich web interfaces to embedded systems
* Reverse Engineering of Proprietary Protocols, Tools and Techniques
* Building Embedded Linux Systems with PTXdist
* A talk on FLOSSMetrics
* CMake – what can it do for your project
* Syslinux and the dynamic x86 boot process
* Emdebian 1.0 release – small & super small Debian
* Mozilla Headless back-end

By the way, I just loved Brussels.

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