Bye bye, Pluto

Guys, you took the right decision: Astronomers Relegate Pluto to Dwarf Status

August 25, 2006 · svillar

The real (virtual?) telepathy

So, do you think that this is telepathy? Come on, check this out. This is the real (mmm, maybe virtual?) telepathy

July 19, 2006 · svillar

Very special numbers

I’ll begin posting some comments that I have in my pocket since past week. I had not much time all these days, so I have many things to say ;). First of all, I’m a computer engineer, I like numbers, and I found this nice web that shows what’s special about most of numbers from 0 to 684. My favourite one is the eight. Talking about the eight, have you ever read “The Eight” by Katherine Neville?...

June 16, 2006 · svillar