Speed, speed, speed !!!

We have been working hard last months in order to increase the speed of Modest. Summing up By default you will only see the last 250 emails on each folder. This dramatically speeds up the filtering and sorting of the emails. We can do this thanks to this great patch by my colleague Dape. Now we can do things like showing a "Show more messages" button, à la iphone. Several fixes in tinymail drastically reduced the amount of requests to the server that we needed to have a fully updated list of mail folders for one account....

November 11, 2009 · svillar

Modest @ FreeNode

If you want to chat with Modest developers you can find us in #modest channel, FreeNode IRC server. Come and join us!

May 6, 2009 · svillar

Modest Reloaded

After a bit of work we can proudly announce that Modest was finally moved to the Maemo garage git repository. You can check it out here Although is great to move to “our favourite DVCS”TM, the most interesting thing is that from now on we’re only developing in the public repository, so you’ll always have the latest improvements available. Looking forward to your contributions!

April 28, 2009 · svillar

Get in touch

Seems that a lot of people are trying Modest and thus they want to report bugs and feature requests. It could be seen in Modest development page but just to clarify we have the usual couple of mailing lists modest-devel: for development purpouses modest-user: for Modest users You can subscribe to both of them here. There are many other ways to contact us like the public forum, the feature request system, or the bug tracking system (thanks Andre for pointing me out that starting today we’re using the maemo bugzilla, select “Communication” as product, and “Email” as component)....

July 2, 2008 · svillar

Modest released!

Great day for Modest, in which it became the official email client of the Maemo platform. After a lot of months of hard work, I’m very proud of people that worked with me in this amazing project. Use it, test it and tell us what you think Now I only have to convince Rufo to use it…

June 25, 2008 · svillar

Our little babies

After a couple of weeks where I was really busy (FOSDEM included, BTW for those who don’t know me, I’m the blonde guy on the left) I finally managed yesterday to do the 0.0.8 pre-release of Tinymail. Read the announcement for a complete list of new features but I’d like to highlight these ones: .NET bindings Improved the cancellation support: cancel retrieval of messages, cancel retrieval of headers… Error handling refactoring Several bug fixes here and there (specially a very important one in the POP backend) So, if you want to try the new features of tinymail just download the latest release of Modest....

February 29, 2008 · svillar

Be Modest my friend

A year ago more or less, I started to work on a project called Modest that aimed to become the e-mail client for Nokia Internet Tables like the N800/N810. Other people from Igalia joined the team later like Dape, Berto, Felipe,Javier or Juanjo, and some of them are still working on the project. And yesterday the first Modest beta release was announced. I’d like to thank all of them for their effort and their commitment....

December 12, 2007 · svillar