I released yesterday ReSiStance 0.5 with some bug fixes and two new really cool features:

  • OMPL Import/Export: moving from other clients to ReSiStance should be easier now, and you can use the export feature also to backup your feed lists.
  • Feed auto-discovery: this is THE killer feature of this release. Currently it uses the syndic8.com services. Just type a couple of words and ReSiStance will give you back a list of feeds that could be interesting for you. Just select the ones you like the most and voilà, ReSiStance will automatically setup them for you.
These two really nice features were developed by a University of A Coruña student called Chus Picos as part of their master thesis. She did a really great job and is currently working on some other great features I will talk about next time. So Chus congrats and thanks for the great work.

PS: did I mention that translators are welcomed?