Yesterday was another intensive hackfest afternoon. But this time no one came neither with food nor drinks :(. We should review our policy about hackfests.

Anyway, Iago and me were reviewing our past work about DBUS. We were trying to port Gedit to use DBUS instead of its own “bacon-message-connection”. We coded some tests in order to know if we were understanding everything. Creating a client and a server was easy, and the API to perform a remote call to an object is easy too, but like other projects, I think there is a lack of documentation. This time we took some help from the DBUS missing tutorial

For example, we were in trouble because we were not able to connect to the session server. We read in the DBUS tutorial that libdbus automatically discovers the address of the per-session bus daemon by reading an environment variable. But what is its name? We found it, well we found them, because there are two: DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS and DBUS_SESSION_BUS_PID.

Finally we were able to call our amazing method called foo from our really impressive GObject called Objectlet. What a great victory :-). Next week, we’ll begin analizing the “bacon-message-connection” code, and then after reviewing the requirements, I hope we’ll begin the port.

GNOME 2.14 is out

… and I’m jhbuilding it of course