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Introducing GstPipelineStudio 0.3.4

GstPipelineStudio #

As it's not always convenient to use the powerful command line based, gst-launch tool and also manage all the debug possibilities on all the platforms supported by GStreamer, I started this personal project in 2021 to facilitate the adoption to the GStreamer framework and help newbies as confirmed engineers enjoy the power of it.

Indeed a few other projects, such as Pipeviz (greatly inspired from...) or gst-debugger, already tried to offer this GUI capability, my idea with GPS was to provide a cross-platform tool written in Rust with the powerful framework, gtk-rs.

The aim of this project is to provide the GUI for GStreamer but also being able to remote debug existing pipeline while offering a very simple and accessible interface as back in the days I discovered DirectShow with the help of graphedit or GraphStudioNext

Project details #

GstPipelineStudio interface

The interface includes 5 important zones:

The project has been written in Rust to offer more stability and thanks to the wonderful work to use the GTK framework, it was perfectly fitting to this project as it gives an easy way to use it over the 3 platforms targeted such as GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows. On this last platform which is quite well "implanted" in the desktop eco-system, the use of GStreamer can lead to difficulties, that's why GstPipelineStudio Windows MSI will be a perfect match to test the power of the GStreamer framework.

This project has been written under the GPL v3 License.

How it works under the hood #

The trick is quite simple as it uses the power of gst-parse-launch API to build a pipeline as a transformation of the visual pipeline to a command line.

So its a clearly a sibling of gst-launch.

Right now its directly linked to the GStreamer installed on your system but future work could be to connect it over daemons such as GstPrinceOfParser or gstd

What's new in 0.3.4 #

The main feature of this release is the cross platform ready state. These are beta versions but the CI is now ready to build and deploy Flathub (Linux), Mac OS and Windows version of GstPipelineStudio.

You can download the installers from the project page or with:

Here is a list of main features added to the app:

What's next in the pipeline #

Among multiple use case, key and debug features, the most upcoming features are:

Here is a lighning talk, I gave about this release (0.3.3), during the 2023 GStreamer conference.

Hope you'll enjoy this tool and please feel free to provide new features with an RFC here or merge requests here.

As usual, if you would like to learn more about GstPipelineStudio, GStreamer or any other open multimedia framework, please contact us!