Accelerating SVG - an update

Yikes, it’s been more than a year since my last post. Time flies, especially during the pandemic that hit us all like a stroke in 2020.

Let me start with a few personal notes: Luckily no one in my family got the disease, but we paid a huge price - as everybody else - by reducing the social contacts down to an absolute minimum. My wife gave birth to our daughter in September 2020, so we were especially cautious that no one brings back Corona home.

Good news: it worked out for us. 2020 was a crazy year for me personally, as my working conditions suddenly had to change, since our two boys could not go to Kindergarten for a long time. Working partly during the day, and often from late evening into the night became the new normal in 2020. This year I realized how exhausting 2020 really was and I’m thankful that all family members, except the children, were vaccinated by now.

I wish that we can all feel safe again in 2022 and the wounds from Corona heal.

Fast forward to October 2021…

… my working times returned to normal since a few months and I feel much more productive and energetic.

Besides the fact that I did not blog about my work, I have been steadily working on the SVG PoC branch that I reported about in my last post.

End of September I presented a status update during the WebKit contributor meeting which was well received by the community. Here’s a video of my presentation:

I hope you enjoyed to see the layer based SVG engine, demoing a real world example. Stay tuned for another post, covering the technical description of the work.

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