:focus-visible in WebKit - February 2021

A report about the work done by Igalia during February 2021 adding support for :focus-visible in WebKit.

:focus-visible in WebKit - January 2021

A report about the work done by Igalia during January 2021 adding support for :focus-visible in WebKit.

2020 Recap

A highlight of some interesting things that have happened at Igalia in 2020.

Open Prioritization and CSS Containment

Igalia is launching an experiment in crowd-funding prioritization for the Web.

Web Engines Hackfest 2020: New dates, new venue!

Announcing the Web Engines Hackfest 2020 that will happen on May 18-20 in A Coruña.

Web Engines Hackfest 2019

Personal review of the Web Engines Hackfest 2019 that happened past October at Igalia.

Talking about CSS Containment at CSSconf EU 2019

Two months ago I was in Berlin for CSSconf EU 2019 where I was speaking about css-contain.

Speaking at CSS Day 2019

Past Friday I was in Amsterdam attending CSS Day, where I gave a talk about what it takes to implement a new CSS property in a browser.

Summary of a week in Lyon for TPAC 2018

Past October a bunch of igalians attended W3C TPAC 2018, this is a brief post about our presence there.

An introduction to CSS Containment

Igalia has been working on css-contain during the last months, in this blog post we talk about the feature and the state of the art around it.

Igalia at TPAC 2018

Next week a bunch of igalians will be at TPAC in Lyon (France), this is a post about the exciting week coming.

Web Engines Hackfest 2018

My personal summary of the Web Engines Hackfest 2018 that happened at Igalia office in A Coruña past week.

Changes on CSS Grid Layout in percentages and indefinite height

A s̶h̶o̶r̶t̶ long story on how percentage work on CSS in general and in CSS Grid Layout row tracks and gutters particularly.

CSS Logical Properties and Values in Chromium and WebKit

Post summarizing the status of the work by Oriol Brufau in his Igalia Coding Experience adding support for CSS Logical Properties and Values in Chromium and WebKit.

CSSWG F2F Berlin 2018

A blog post about my past week in Berlin attending the CSSWG F2F meeting and the co-located TYPO Labs event.

Getting rid of "grid-" prefix on CSS Grid Layout gutter properties

A new story behind the scenes, about how it was to unprefix the grid layout gutter properties in Blink and WebKit.

"display: contents" is coming

Finally "display: contents" support is being enabled on Chromium and WebKit, let's share some words about it.

Web Engines Hackfest 2017

Just a small recap about the Web Engines Hackfest 2017 which took place at Igalia's office past October.

Adding :focus-within selector to Chromium

Another story of the work done to implement a new pseudo-class in Blink.

10 years at Igalia

10 years have already passed since I joined Igalia and the journey has been amazing.

Announcing a New Edition of the Web Engines Hackfest

Igalia is organizing and hosting the Web Engines Hackfest 2017 in October 2-4.

CSS Grid Layout is Here to Stay

The story behind CSS Grid Layout development in Chromium/Blink and Safari/WebKit performed by Igalia with Bloomberg's support.

Coloring the insertion caret

Summary of the work done to support caret-color property in Chromium.

Recap of the Web Engines Hackfest 2016

Overview of the Web Enginges Hackfest 2016 including a summary of the talks and the work around CSS Grid Layout and MathML.

My experience at W3C TPAC 2016 in Lisbon

Some reflections after TPAC about Igalia, CSS Working Group and Houdini.

Grid Layout Summertime

Summary of the changes introduced during past summer on the CSS Grid Layout implementation

TPAC, Web Engines Hackfest & Igalia 15th anniversary on the horizon

September 2016 is going to be a special month for me full of events, even including some celebrations.

My BlinkOn 6 Summary: Grid Layout, Houdini & MathML

Different thoughts about past week at BlinkOn in Munich, reviewing the topics I was more interested on.

CSS Grid Layout and positioned items

Positioned grid items have some special features that will be explained on this blog post.

Igalia Coding Experience on Web Engines

Introduction to the Igalia Coding Experience program.

CSS Grid Layout from the inside out (HTML5DevConf 2015)

Summary of my trip to San Francisco past October, where I was talking about CSS Grid Layout at HTML5DevConf.

Subgrids thinking out loud

Summary of our thoughts about subgrids feature from CSS Grid Layout specification.

Deep Dive into Grid Layout Placement

Comprehensive review of the different methods provided by CSS Grid Layout spec for items positioning.

Layout Topics on the Web Engines Hackfest 2015

This is a summary of my participation in the Web Engines Hackfest 2015 around CSS Grid Layout and MathML.

Grid Layout Coast to Coast

This month I'll be at HTML5DevConf (San Francisco) talking about CSS Grid Layout.

CSS Grid Layout is just around the corner (CSSConf US 2015)

Summary of my NYC week where I was talking about CSS Grid Layout spec at CSSConf.

Grid and the City

In 2 weeks I'll be speaking about CSS Grid Layout at CSSConf (NYC)!

Web Engines Hackfest 2015: Save the dates!

Igalia is hosting a new edition of the Web Engines Hackfest in December 7-9.

Grid Auto-Placement Is Ready

CSS Grid Layout automatic placement feature has been completed in Blink and WebKit.

New Year, New Blog!

Blog migration to Jekyll and new design.

CSS Grid Layout 2014 Recap: Implementation Status

CSS Grid Layout 2014 Recap: Specification Evolution

Web Engines Hackfest 2014

Presenting the Web Engines Hackfest

CSS Grid Layout Automatic Placement

CSS Grid Layout at BlinkOn 2

Selection interaction in CSS Regions is now spec compliant

Welcome CSS Grid Layout

Performance of selection with CSS Regions in WebKit and Blink (Part II – perf profiler)

Approach to fix selection with CSS Regions (WebKitGTK+ hackfest late wrap-up)

Performance of selection with CSS Regions in WebKit and Blink (Part I – Perftests)

Improving tests coverage for selection with CSS Regions in WebKit and Blink

LibrePlan: Adapt planning according to timesheets

First LibrePlan Hackfest

LibrePlan: New Project Status Report

PhoneGap at Master on Free Software

Resources binding and monthly timesheets in LibrePlan

Currency support in LibrePlan

LibrePlan is learning new languages: Salut, hoi, cześć!

Money based cost monitoring system in LibrePlan

L’italiano arriva a LibrePlan

New LibrePlan website and other bits

LibrePlan in Transifex.net

LibrePlan Summertime

NavalPlan Web Services

Some updates about me in Igalia

Improving error messages in NavalPlan

NavalPlan in Valencia

How to create reports in NavalPlan (JasperReports integration)

NavalPlan – First public IRC meeting

NavalPlan 1.0 – Some random numbers

NavalPlan Ubuntu PPAs

NavalPlan – Small features that will make your life easy

Web Grilo Player – Playing with WebKitGTK+ and Grilo

NavalPlan: Road to 1.0

JAX-RS example with Jersey, Jetty and Maven

igalia.com development

NavalPlan moved to SourceForge.net

Import RSS feeds related with categories in TYPO3

MSWL ends: Master Thesis & reStructuredText

RTM-GLib 0.1.0

RTM-Glib released

Reviewing gedit project

CASify Redmine

GCDS Day 6 – Last day

GCDS Day 5 – Mobile Day & GUADEC-ES

GCDS Day 4 – Talks, beach and dinner

GCDS Day 3 – GNOME party

GCDS Day 2 – GUADEC starts

GCDS Day 1 – Keynotes & Lighting Talks

GCDS Day 0 – Ready to learn

Python and Mono (a week between animals at MSWL)

Development Subject: Desktop & Mobile

Debian packaging, kernel hacking, openSUSE and eBox platform at MSWL

Forums in TYPO3

gl_pages_cat: Pages categorization in TYPO3

Latest TYPO3 stuff

How to write a manual for a GNOME application with DocBook

MyTime Demo

My relation with free software

T3CON08: Last Day

T3CON08: Second Day

T3CON08: First Day

MyTime 0.2 – Remote storage

MyTime 0.1

gl_transstat: translate pages and records in an easy way on TYPO3

MyTime: free software to improve time management

FORMidable: Starting Collaboration

Testing Online Desktop on Hardy Heron: Quick Guide

Galician in TYPO3 III

TYPO3 Extensions Configuration

Galician in TYPO3 II

Developing TYPO3 Extensions (sg_showdoku)

Galician in TYPO3

My First Post