About GUADEC press team and its activities

Posted by javi vazquez on June 24, 2006

Once GUADEC has already started, I have met several people of the press team at the central building of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, where most of the WUW conferences are being held.

As press responsible at GUADEC, these days my main tasks are coordinating the edition, translation and uploading (to guadec.org/PressRoom) of press materials; and receiving, analyzing and forwarding any requests of interviews to our VIPs and keynotes.

Regarding to the people here, so far, Fernando Sanmartín has come up as responsible for the VIP/pressRoom, and Thomas Keup, who has translated and sent the press release to German media, has offered his car to pick Jim Gettys up in the airport.

Regarding to press materials, I have reviewed, translated and uploaded the OLPC story written by Sriram Ramkrishna to guadec.org/PressRoom.

Finally, the most important point just now, interviews with VIPs and keynotes are being arranged fast. Jim Gettys, Miguel de Icaza, Carlos Guerreiro or Jeff Waugh are the most demanded by the journalists.

In a couple of days, I will publish all the interviews that have been done during GUADEC.


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