GUADEC 2006 Official Schedule

Posted by javi vazquez on June 09, 2006

GUADEC 2006 Official Schedule is out!

GNOME conference will be held from 24th to 30th of June, including Core days, Warm Up Weekend (WUW) and After Hours Workshops (AHW).

During the WUW, we will have the Sant Joan Nit party, BoF meetings by region, GUADEC-ES (Spanish), GAUDEC-CA (Catalan) and the first FreeFA World Cup, when worlwide hackers could show their soccer abilities competing for the Championship.

Core days will be full of very interesting conferences, discussing about the future of the free desktop, with keynotes such as Kathy Sierra, Jim Gettys or Simon Phipps.

Finally, at the AHW, people from Intel, Nokia or Igalia 😉 will coordinate different BoFs about present and futurue GNOME issues.

I am the press contact for GUADEC 2006, so if you, journalists, are interested in getting press materials, knowing cool stories about people and companies involved in GUADEC, interviewing “our” VIPs or, indeed, writing about the soccer world championship… please, feel free to contact me.


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