LibrePlan 1.3 in figures

Finally LibrePlan 1.3 is published! A lot of effort was put on this release, to make it the best LibrePlan ever… and maybe the most complete web planning tool available now.

My workmate Manuel Rego published an interesting post with figures about LibrePlan development when we took the application out from beta state and started doing periodical releases. One year and a half later, with three major releases since then, it’s a good idea to update those figures. Let’s see:

  • Time: more than 3 years have passed since April 2009, when we started the project. More precisely, we have been working on LibrePlan for 39 months.
  • Contributors: the number of different contributors has risen from 14 to 29, mostly thanks to a growing team of very commited users who took care of the translations. And although the core development team has not changed a lot, we were lucky to welcome Nacho Barrientos, Pablo Fernández de la Cigoña, Nacho Díaz, Cristina Alvariño and Lucía García, who joined Manuel Rego, Lorenzo Tilve, Susana Montes, Óscar González, Diego Pino, Javier Morán and me in the last year and a half.
  • Lines: 233,036 lines of code, an increment of roughly 80,000 since 1.0.

  • Commits: now there are 8,517 commits in the project master branch. Óscar González is still the top commiter with 2,883, but Manuel Rego is getting closer with his 2,073 contributions. I’ve fallen down to the 6th position. Oh noes!
  • Bugs: 1,523 bug reports have been filled, and only 170 of them are open. That means we have closed 1,353 bugs! And if we search specifically how many of them were fixed, the number is 1,141. Pretty impressive figures, IMHO.

If you love stats, you can check our Ohloh page where you can find more figures together with charts and the like. Meanwhile, we’ll keep coding… Hopefully I will tell you about LibrePlan audiovisual next time 😉 .

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