A javascript calendar in your eZ Publish page

If you maintain a web site built on eZ Publish 3.x, maybe you miss having a calendar on your side bar, where you could mark special events on. Or at least, I did, so I searched a bit and read that a calendar was included in ezwebin, the new design that comes with eZ Publish 3.9. Unfortunately, its integration in an older eZ site looked like pain for me, but I found an alternative, a contribution called ezAgenda. It features a datatype to store events, and some templates to build a calendar and show events over it.

ezAgenda screenshot

I took its code and adapted it to my needs. In particular, I wanted the calendar to be integrated in a side bar, and show the name of the events in a pop-up when the mouse is over it. Something like this:

JS calendar screenshot

There are some other changes and improvements, which are explained in the readme file. You will also find there the installation instructions (basically, you have to place the files, create the datatype and add the overrides to activate the templates).

Download the files: agenda.tar

2 thoughts on “A javascript calendar in your eZ Publish page

  1. i used ezAgenda but it not work …
    i followed your step from readme but it’s not work..

    i have some question about

    2.3. Parameters:

    The ID of the node containing the event objects is got from the
    configuration files, using this command:


    It reads the file ‘content.ini’ and its overrides, looking for a
    section like this one:


    You must add this section in your content.ini, or write the ID
    directly on the code of the templates agenda3eventlist.tpl and

    what should i do ?


  2. In this step, you basically have to edit the file ‘settings/override/content.ini.append.php’, adding this lines at the end:


    You have to complete it writing the ID of the node where you will store your calendar events.

    I tried to write a general explanation in the documentation, but the result was not very easy to understand; my apologies 😉 .

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