I have come up with this Firefox 3.X meme at Mike Beltzerns blog. It consists of evaluating a javascript expression that queries Firefox bookmarks database (sqlite3 moz_places), fetching the first result for every letter of the alphabet. Check Mike’s entry for instructions (there’s no point of copy&paste them here isn’t?).

I got many entries for intranet addresses which are pointles pasting them here, as cannot be linked to anything useful. I marked them as “localhost”.

a: localhost

b: Blogger: Escritorio

c: Software Craftsmanship 2009 : Programme

d: Iurgi de excursion: Dinero de la suerte y otras costumbres chinas

e: elmundo.es. Líder mundial de información en castellano

f: Faitic – Inicio

g: Global Voices Online

h: localhost

i: localhost

j: JavaBlackBelt – Training and Skills Management in Java Hibernate Spring

k: Kirai – Un geek en Japón by Héctor García

l: localhost

m: Marca.com

n: The pain in Spain … – Paul Krugman Blog – NYTimes.com

o: O’Reilly Radar – Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies

p: planet.igalia.com

q: QuinTV

r: RConversation

s:  localhost

t: the bandarlog

u: unweaving the web

v: voyporoporto.com

w: elmundo.es. Líder mundial de información en castellano

y: YouTube – pinowsky’s YouTube