What’s going on in Modest: new Gnome/Moblin port.

As many of you know, Modest is the mail client of Nokia n810 and n900 devices. As that, there is a huge effort on it, to make a really good mail experience in those devices. But for last years, the effort was completely concentrated on Maemo platform.

Last months, Sergio Villar and me have been working on bringing the Modest user experience to both Gnome and Moblin, using our community projects time here at Igalia. The work was based on a very interesting effort from Javier Jardon this summer.

The main goal was trying to make the behavior of Modest in Gnome as similar as possible to the counterpart in Fremantle/Maemo5. It’s still unstable, a work in progress, but it’s already showing how it will look like:

List of folders in Modest Gnome

You’ll see a really big difference with other mail clients available in desktop. It’s really oriented to keep things really simple and straightforward, so Modest is not only light, but its user experience is kept light too following a similar style to the one used in Fremantle Modest.

Most use cases are already functional. We’ll try to do a new release next week, and, if possible, also offer some packages for easy testing. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your post, can you please pass me some instruction help how I can checkout and build this port to test with for now ?


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